Main St. Hair Fashion Show Recap

2019 Bay Area Hair & Fashion Show Jungle Style Main St. Hair Pleasanton California6

2019 Bay Area Hay & Fashion Show Highlight Reel

Our 2019 Fashion Show was a HUGE SUCCESS! Thank you so much to everyone who attended and worked so hard to create an unforgettable night.

Roberta Gonzales Interviewing Edie on TV Before the Show!

And then at the show, Roberta made a surprise appearance, was given the mic, and shared some great messages with the audience. Thank you Roberta! We love you!

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Paparazzi In The House!

2019 Bay Area Hair & Fashion Show Jungle Style Main St. Hair Pleasanton California4

That’s Debbie Linsao-Sherman, Pleasanton’s favorite Paparazzi Purveyor, enjoying herself at Edie’s Fashion Show! She and her family were having a great time dancing along to the show and supplying the attendees with gorgeous bling starting at just $5. REALLY GOOD LOOKING QUALITY JEWELRY! 

Here’s Debbie’s contact info if you want Debbie for a Paparazzi party at your next home or business gathering:

Debbie Linsao-Sherman
(831) 295-1554

Facebook Loving My Jewelry 
Instagram LovingMyJewelry 

Here’s more from Debbie (taken from her website):
Hi, my name is Debbie. I’ve never been one to spend a lot of money on jewelry, however I’ve always LOVED a pair of earrings. On occasion you may have seen a social media posting of me showing off a pair of my FAVORITE earrings. It was rare that you would see me outside of my house without earrings! (Well, maybe when I would work out or went out for a run.) Anyway, my love for good deals and love for earrings has brought me here. I am now a Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant and I am here to show you that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for that perfect piece that finishes your outfit or that gives you that confidence to take on the day! Welcome and enjoy!


2019 Bay Area Hair & Fashion Show

Fashion Show Main St Hair Pleasanton Ca

Red Carpet Hair & Fashion Show
2019 Bay Area Hair & Fashion Show Jungle Style
Hosted by Kwame, special performances by Ballet Maba

It was a packed house at the 2019 Bay Area Hair & Fashion Show Jungle Style, created by Edie Lokoto, owner of Main St. Hair in Pleasanton California. Edie knows how to throw a party, and this show did not disappoint. put on an AMAZING Fashion show last Saturday evening January 26, 2019 at the Holiday Inn in Dublin. 7p-9p Holiday Inn 6680 Regional St. Dublin, Ca 94568.

At the event were these wonderful businesses: 

Patricia’s Silver Designs
Quality Statement Pieces
(925) 336-0204

Debbie Linsao-Sherman
(831) 295-1554

Tom Matousek | Disney Fine Artist, Portrait Art & Muralist
(925) 787-1225

2019 Bay Area Hair & Fashion Show Roberta Gonzales Interviews Edie

roberta gonzales

Here is the video transcript 

Roberta: Hi everyone. Roberta Gonzales here with my new BFF, Edie Lokoto. And Edie, you are my new best friend forever. I walked into your wonderful establishment, Main St. Hair, and immediately, it was a sisterhood. It was a connection. I wanted to take her home with me. How are you today?

Edie: I’m doing great. I’m so happy to be here, Roberta, because you are my inspiration yourself. So, I’m a little nervous, but I’m just so happy to be here with you.

Roberta: You know right away, you and I had a spiritual connection.

Edie: Yes we did.

Roberta: And so, I was so excited to hear about this event you have coming up.

Edie: Oh my gosh. You know, I told you I have my degree in theater, and I’m a hairstylist, so I usually try to combine both. So, on January 26th at the Dublin Holiday Inn, we are going to have a hair and fashion show. But then, you know, I told you I’m from Congo, Africa, so I usually try to incorporate elements of my country, so we’re going to be bringing drummers, dancers.

Roberta: This is not your first rodeo, right? You’ve done this before.

Edie: Yes. As I told you before, I have a degree in theater, and I’m owner of Main St. Hair, so I usually try to incorporate. Sometimes I do theater. Sometimes I do the hair, fashion. So this time, will be the hair and clothing. A little bit more fun.

Roberta: For all of our sisters out there, I want to see you at this particular event. But are men invited also?

Edie: Of course! Men are always welcome. Where would we be without the man, right?

Roberta: Right.

Edie: Everyone is welcome. It’s going to be that kind of show, Roberta, where you can bring your whole family.

Roberta: So, we’re going to have some dance. We’re going to have drumming. We’re going to have music. We’re going to have a fashion show about hair?

Edie: Yes. This event will be at the Dublin Holiday Inn on Saturday, next Saturday, from 7 to 9 PM. Following a after party.

Roberta: Saturday, January 26th, 7 to 9 PM. Dublin Holiday Inn. We’ll see you there, right?

Edie: Yes. Thank you.