2019 Bay Area Hair & Fashion Show Roberta Gonzales Interviews Edie

roberta gonzales

Here is the video transcript 

Roberta: Hi everyone. Roberta Gonzales here with my new BFF, Edie Lokoto. And Edie, you are my new best friend forever. I walked into your wonderful establishment, Main St. Hair, and immediately, it was a sisterhood. It was a connection. I wanted to take her home with me. How are you today?

Edie: I’m doing great. I’m so happy to be here, Roberta, because you are my inspiration yourself. So, I’m a little nervous, but I’m just so happy to be here with you.

Roberta: You know right away, you and I had a spiritual connection.

Edie: Yes we did.

Roberta: And so, I was so excited to hear about this event you have coming up.

Edie: Oh my gosh. You know, I told you I have my degree in theater, and I’m a hairstylist, so I usually try to combine both. So, on January 26th at the Dublin Holiday Inn, we are going to have a hair and fashion show. But then, you know, I told you I’m from Congo, Africa, so I usually try to incorporate elements of my country, so we’re going to be bringing drummers, dancers.

Roberta: This is not your first rodeo, right? You’ve done this before.

Edie: Yes. As I told you before, I have a degree in theater, and I’m owner of Main St. Hair, so I usually try to incorporate. Sometimes I do theater. Sometimes I do the hair, fashion. So this time, will be the hair and clothing. A little bit more fun.

Roberta: For all of our sisters out there, I want to see you at this particular event. But are men invited also?

Edie: Of course! Men are always welcome. Where would we be without the man, right?

Roberta: Right.

Edie: Everyone is welcome. It’s going to be that kind of show, Roberta, where you can bring your whole family.

Roberta: So, we’re going to have some dance. We’re going to have drumming. We’re going to have music. We’re going to have a fashion show about hair?

Edie: Yes. This event will be at the Dublin Holiday Inn on Saturday, next Saturday, from 7 to 9 PM. Following a after party.

Roberta: Saturday, January 26th, 7 to 9 PM. Dublin Holiday Inn. We’ll see you there, right?

Edie: Yes. Thank you.

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